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We ask that you be there during the install to insure you get exactly what you want. When that day arrives, your consultant, along with a installation foreman and his crew will be there to begin the work. The foreman is charged with overseeing the crew, and making sure that all systems are installed with the needs of the customer as their first priority.


Greco Lawn Sprinklers is a licensed and insured irrigation installation and service company. We have several crews and are capable of handling any irrigation installation. We have installed systems in schools, commercial buildings and apartment complexes in Nassau County.


Summer Inspections We can adjust watering time and frequencies for seasonal changes in weather. Provide adjustments to sprinkler heads for plant growth and landscape changes. Inspect all main lines and manifolds for leaks and proper operation.


Fall Weatherization Winterizing your irrigation system is a very important task that needs to be completed annually before the first freeze. Greco Lawn Sprinklers offers complete weatherization services that will prepare your system for winter and prevent damage to pipes or other system components.


Back flow Tests At Greco Lawn Sprinklers, all of our technicians are New York State Certified for installation and testing of back flow devices. This test is required by your local water authority to ensure that the back flow prevented device is preventing any irrigation water from back siphoning into the domestic drinking water.n.


Spring Start Up Greco Lawn Sprinkler Start Up Service will get your system up and running for the season. Our comprehensive Spring start up service includes: -Turn on irrigation system. -Test each system zone to ensure proper operation. -Check for leaks. Examine all heads, valves & controller for damage. -Prepare repair estimate to replace / repair any problems uncovered.

Over 30 yrs Serving Long Island

Greco Lawn Sprinklers has over 30 years of irrigation designing experience, covering both small and large systems. Established in 1985, Greco Lawn Sprinklers has been installing and servicing irrigation systems for commercial & residential properties. Installation is a major part of our business but it’s not everything. Greco Lawn Sprinklers has a strong focus on personal service, reliability, water consumption, and superior design. After the appointment for a free estimate has been set, Steven Greco will personally design with you a system which will be custom made for your landscape needs. Greco Lawn Sprinklers will also describe how they arrived at the personal quote which is delivered on site. We will also be happy to explain exactly what you are getting and address any questions or concerns you may have. We realize that your time is extremely valuable. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to improve our response time. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to ensure that our technicians arrive promptly to all appointments. Greco Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation has developed the experience it takes to help beautify your lawn and gardens. The systems we build will conserve water and automate the process of caring for your property. Our state of the art equipment allows us to be efficient and available at all times with an end result of producing a beautiful, green, and healthy landscape.


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